Things to do in Perth – Caversham Wildlife Park and Watertown Brand Outlet

Our Second Day…

Caversham Wildlife Park

Sun rise and shine.. My vacation with mum kick started..!

Our first itinerary was Caversham wildlife park, because mum specifically requested to see the kangaroo.

There are two places to see the Kaola bear and Kangaroo in Perth, i.e. get on the ferry to go to Perth Zoo, or go to Caversham wildlife park in Swan Valley.

I decided to go Caversham, because the ticket was inclusive of taking photo with the animals, feeding food, and many good review online.

A few options to go to Caversham wildlife park. You can either book a tour which is inclusive of wildlife park itinerary, self-drive, or using public transport.

However, I found a value for money option, i.e. shuttle van from Explorer Perth Tours. It’s AUD39 only inclusive of AUD28 park ticket !

The driver picked us up from our hotel at 8.30am, and fetch us back to the hotel at 1.30pm, pretty good timing and convenient.

We had ample time to join all the animal shows, took photos with Kaola bear, wombat and other animals and had fun with the lazy kangaroo before the driver fetched us up.

Mum said she felt like a VIP with driver.

caversham wildlife park

There were a few daily attractions and shows, i.e. meet the wombat and friends, meet the kaolas, farm show, penguin feeding. Make sure you join all and take the photo for free with your cameras.

Kangaroos are always there waiting for you to feed them with the food provided without time limitation.

how to go caversham wildlife park

Watertown Brand Outlet

Our next destination was Watertown Brand Outlet!

Changed the plan from visiting King’s Park because it was drizzling day. So, you better check out the weather forecast prior to the trip.

After bathed and rest a while, it’s time to take the free CAT bus to the outlet, which was just few minutes away from Travelodge Hotel.

watertown brand outlet perth

Some said you could get cheap branded fashions there. For me, it wasn’t special since Malaysia has a few similar brands outlet.

Watertown brand outlet is a two storey shopping mall with many branded fashions, food & beverages, bags, pharmacies, shoes and etc. If you are fans of branded stuff, you will be able to grab some cheap branded deals there.

Be early there if you are shopping fans because the outlet opens until 5.30pm only except Friday, close at 9.00pm.

Night Life in Perth

By the way, you will be disappointed if you like night life because most shops close in the evening. The only entertainment at night is drink with friends in a nice cafe or restaurant.

Hence, try to plan and travel there on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, as there are more activities and events at night.

Anyway, my mum and I are not night owl, so we love the relaxing life there, sitting on the bench in front of the hotel, chit chatting in the fresh breeze every night. What a sweet bonding time with mum…!

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