Lexis Hibiscus vs Avani Sepang Gold Coast

Lexis Hibiscus or Avani Sepang Gold Coast, which one is better? Many parents were asking about it while deciding their family trip.

I had been to both resorts for family trip as well, here are some comparisons based on my experience.

Lexis Hibiscus

Since the resort was opened in year 2015, it has became one of the hot spot for vacation, perhaps popular due to the private swimming pool and glass panel on floor to view the marine life.

We went to Lexis Hibiscus resort last year and stayed in Premium Pool Villa, located in the hibiscus petal area. The resort was new and clean.

Same as other guests, we were excited with the in-room swimming pool, steam sauna room and the viewing glass on floor right after checked in the room.

Too bad the water underneath wasn’t crystal clear, so there were no marine life as described, a bit disappointed. Huhuu…

Nevertheless, we love the private swimming pool and steam sauna in the balcony.

We don’t need to carry swimming float, toys and etc and walk to public pool like other resorts. Just placed everything besides our own private pool, change in room then could jump into the water!

The best was you are able to enjoy private water fun with family members only without outsider in the same pool…! However, don’t try to swim naked in the pool because other resort room was quite close to each other. Ha…

We spent most of our time in room only since the kids love their own private pool.

There were two big King bed in room, just nice for four of us. The facilities in the room were modern and clean as well. The resort even invested LED TV built-into full bronze mirror wall.

Other than the nice in-room facilities, you have to pay for the rest of the indoor and outdoor activities provided by the resort, too bad.. The kidz world, karaoke facility, bicycle, and some other water sports were all chargeable.

Avani Sepang Gold Coast

avani sepang gold coast

avani sepang gold coast review

We had a short getaway at Avani Sepang Gold Coast just recently. Instead of hibiscus petal, Avani uses the similar concept with the resorts spread along to form the palm tree.

Same as Lexis Hibiscus, the buggies service are available round the clock in resort. My two little monsters were excited with it every time.

avani sepang gold coast review

Overall, the resort looked a bit tire and old as compare to Lexis Hibiscus. Our room was considered clean, the only shortcoming was four of us had to share a King bed.

avani sepang gold coast review
Sunset view from the resort balcony

The kids were having fun in resort although without in-room private pool because they were entertained with many activities.

There’s a public infinity pool located at clubhouse area. Other than that, kid’s play area was providing free movie, coloring and board game. Batik painting, sand art and few other activities were chargeable, but the free activities were enough to make the kids occupied for an hour.

avani sepang gold coast beach
Private beach of Avani

Morning and evening time were good for beach activities, e.g. building sand castle and walk along the beach. My girls were shouting to see a lot of baby crabs !

avani sepang beach
Can you see the baby crab!

Another good thing I like here is there were plenty of bicycles nearby the lobby area. You can just grab it and cycling in the resort.

avani sepang gold coast bicycle

Which is good?

It depends on your expectation. If you like modern resort with private pool, Lexis Hibiscus is a good choice.

If you have lesser budget and don’t mind a moderate resort with similar concept, Avani Sepang Gold Coast could be your cup of tea. They have more variety of activities and a private beach for you to have family fun as well.

No matter whichever resort you are going, family bonding is most important right?! ;)

2 thoughts on “Lexis Hibiscus vs Avani Sepang Gold Coast

  • August 15, 2019 at 7:51 pm

    Thanks May, This is very helpful. Is there a private beach at Lexis Hibiscus?

    Many thanks!

    • January 28, 2020 at 11:56 pm

      There’s no private beach at Lexis Hibiscus. Only in room pool.


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