Homemakers Making It Work From Home!

Work from home mums in the newspaper this Mother’s Day !!

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New Straits Time today featuring 3 work from home mums with inspiring stories..! 😍 That’s including me . Hehe…

Thanks Audrey for the nice write up this Mother’s Day:

“WHILE juggling the roles of chef, transport provider, tutor, nurse and caregiver may seem daunting enough for the average Jane, many modern stay-at-home mums are going the extra mile by working from home to supplement their household incomes and provide the best for their families.

Mother of two, May Tan, gave up her job as a commercial manager twice to spend more quality time with her two daughters.

“I’d been a stay-at-home-mum for a year after my first child was born, but I rejoined the workforce. Eventually, after the birth of my second daughter, I quit my full-time job for good.

“It really wasn’t a difficult decision to make because I knew I wanted and needed the flexible hours — so that I have more time for my daughters and ageing parents. My father is a diabetic patient and I need to take him for regular check-ups as well.”

Tan said she was fortunate to have a very supportive husband, and also close friends who made her decision an easy one.

“Sometimes I miss full-time working life, especially the social interaction with colleagues.

“However, if I had to do it all over again, I would make the same decision.”

Tan now does freelance work for a foreign technology company to spearhead their technology in Asia.

“I still get paid and I’m not completely out of the workforce.

“When I need to attend project meetings, I get help from childcare sources.

“I can arrange my own schedule to be available for school activities, pay full attention during their sick days, spend more time guiding them with their homework and also arrange outings for them during less crowded days,” she said.

The grass may definitely seem much greener on the other side, but having been on both sides of the fence, Tan said being a full-time mum was much more challenging due to the lack of personal time.

“Support from spouse and family members is very important before making this decision. Calculate your budget before making the jump, and, if possible, build a plan to earn side incomes before quitting.”

In this current economic climate, she said, it was necessary to have cutbacks to survive on a single income.

“As a family, we have learnt to adopt a simpler lifestyle. Realistically, to live a comfortable family life on a single income is a challenge, especially here in Kuala Lumpur.”

You can read up more about the article here.

As a mum, it’s all about being a mother who juggles our children and works. Being a mum who works at home or office should not only about fulfilling our task as a mother and family finance contributor. It is about finding ways toward work-life balance too, right? ;)

Happy Mother’s Day to all beautiful great mothers!!!


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