Generate Passive Income By Changing The Brand of Daily Necessities

Are you a member of Tesco, Aeon, Isetan, Walmart, Taobao, Amazon, Debenhams, ASOS or any Online Shop?

Any shopping 🛍️ member card gives you CashBack & Passive Income directly bank into your account if you are loyal customers?

Any shopping 🛍️ member card gives you CashBack & Passive Income also if you share their online mall 🛒& unique products to friends & family?

Some of them even charge annual fees💰. Sob.

Or maybe give you some Cash voucher 💵 that will expire if forget to use before expiry? 🤦

Do you want to know if there's a FREE member card that reward loyal customers by 
directly bank in Cash into your bank account + Points without expiry until redeem your money 💰?

Everyone need to spend on daily necessities, e.g. toothbrush, toothpaste, shower gel, detergent, shampoo and etc, regardless of rich or poor.

All the while, we spent to get the stuff needed, and the money spent transferred to the pocket of sellers.

How To Be A Smarter Consumer?

Smart Consumer will buy their Daily Necessities if:-

1. The products are High Quality 

2. The products are Natural, Organic without harmful ingredients

3. Price Reasonable

4. There's Money Back Guaranteed

5. Can accumulate Points for Cash

A Smarter Consumer will spend when there's choice to convert Expenses for Daily Necessities into Income! 

Is that possible? Yes, it is!

Passive Income For Shoppers by Atomy

What if I tell you that it's possible by just changing your brand of Daily Necessities - household supplies, health supplement, skin care, cosmetics to Atomy?

All the products in Atomy Online Shopping Mall are natural, superior quality with concentrate formulation.

For instance, a bottle of detergent are few times more long lasting than normal brand, thus more economical in terms of Cost per Dollar.

Yet, the price are same or even cheaper than other brands with comparable quality.

There's 30 days unsatisfactory money back guaranteed by the company. And, most important is..... the Points accumulated could be turned into Income!

How To Qualify?

Whenever making purchase online, you get to accumulate Personal Point Value (Personal PV), which valid for lifetime and will not expire.

how to earn passive income online business


You will continue to replenish your daily needs from Atomy online shop, be it household supplies, skin care, health supplements, cosmetics and etc after finished the stock.

The more Personal PV accumulated, the more your Potential Income.

Yes, your money spent on daily necessities now enable you to earn Passive Income instead of "disappear" after used the products.

How Do You Earn Passive Income?

Everyone get used to share the good deals with friends and family, be it good movie, delicious bubble tea and etc, am I right?

Same here, you will start telling your friends and family about the products you are using if it's excellent. They change their regular brand to Atomy like you, getting their PV, and then they share with their friends, who shop online in Atomy also to get PV.

Indirectly, your business is growing with two groups of friends and family becoming smarter consumers like you, and you get to accumulate PV, same as they are getting when they purchase.

When you accumulate 10,000 Personal PV, and you have two groups of friends/family accumulate 300,000 Group PV respectively on a particular day, your income is RM80 or USD21.

daily passive income

Your potential income will keep increasing together with your groups of friends and family.

When you yourself accumulated 300,000 Personal PV, your daily income is RM250 or USD70 on the day when cumulative spending of your two groups of friends are 300,000 group PV respectively.

daily passive income2

Is it possible to accumulate so many PV?

Yes, because everyone will keep replenishing their stock of daily needs, toothbrush, toothpaste, hand sanitizer, skin care, supplements..... So, your daily income will keep increasing until it caps at RM5,000/Day or RM150,000/Month!

how to generate passive income without capital

The income is viable because everyone need to brush teeth, bath, eat and wash clothes even being locked-down at home during Covid-19 pandemic period!!

Daily necessities = Huge business Opportunities

Not only that, the company gives out many types of Bonuses to leaders who are business minded and hard working in sharing their products.

Why use PV but not Currency?

Atomy is a Global Online Platform in ~ 20 countries. Means, your friends in Australia or Indonesia or any countries who are brushing teeth using Atomy Antibacteria toothbrush also enable you to earn residual income, because every item count by similar PV although in difference currency!!

online business for passive income

Is Atomy A Legit Stable Company?

Atomy - Korea based company had been operating for more than 10 years worlwide, being Sole Distributor for Kolmar BNH products.

There are strong background from 2 shareholders in Kolmar BNH (KAERI JV Kolmar).

1. KAERI (Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute)

R&D world rank No. 2 after America NASA, with more than 1300 scientists and 4000+ researchers.

It is fully funded and supported by Korea Government, just like SAMSUNG and HYUNDAI.


Are these familiar brands?

Kolmar, world Top branded manufacturer are the one doing OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) & ODM (Original Design Manufacturing) for them.

And not only that, Atomy products are more effective because we have KAERI's patented technology that couldn't be owned by these brands.

To-date, Atomy had distributed absolute quality products worldwide, e.g. USA, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, China, Thailand, Indonesia, Philipine, Japan, Taiwan, Canada, India, Vietnam, Russia, Hong Kong, UK and many more new countries soon.

Check if your country in the world map of Atomy?


Atomy soon-to-open Countries
Atomy soon-to-open Countries

On top of that, Atomy becomes Global Distribution Hub with Global Sourcing Global Sales strategy, i.e. distribute products from top manufacturers worldwide.

Why Atomy So Generous Giving Cash Reward?

Have you seen any Atomy products over the shopping counter or advertisement?

Since the products quality speak itself, word of mouth is more effective way of advertisement.

By doing so, there are plenty of cost saved that are able to reinvest in the product quality enhancement and reward the loyal consumers/partners.  

What are the saving? Just mention a few....

> Physical Storefront - Rental of counter/kiosk, Staff salary, Utility

> Advertisement Fee - Media, Superstar artists' endorsement fee, brochure/catalogue, roadshow

> Middleman profit - Atomy's product direct ship from factory to consumers without wholesaler, agent, retailers

> R&D cost - KAERI by Korea government. Atomy doesn't need to share R&D cost or pay royalties

> Packaging Cost - Don't you see Atomy products' white colour elegant packaging, simple but user friendly. 

Zero Cost Zero Risk

Do you see any cost or risk involve? NO!!!

Just 4 steps to generate your passive income.

1. Get your membership for FREE

2. Change your regular brand to Atomy and start accumulate PV

3. Share with your friends to do the same

4. Passive Income in your bank account

Passive income

No guilt to share this awesome platform with your friends because you are not earning profit from the products.

Anyone in Atomy world map could be your consumers/partners. They order whatever needed whenever they like themselves online via website or mobile app.

NO selling, NO stock keeping, NO logistic delivery to be involved by you.

Just buy an item of few dollars in a year to maintain your membership.

Share the awesome product experience with your friends, and earn Points when your friends & friends of your friends use and do the same as you. Earn the Points for Unlimited levels.

Worst results :
Enjoy natural, healthy, non-toxic products at regular supermarket prices.
Just like any other online shop 🛍️🛒. Buy what you like whenever you like.

Normal results :
Use it, love it, share it and earns hundreds of pocket money

Best results👍
If you work hard on sharing user experience, you may earn a few times you current salary as passive income💰💰


I Wish To Use & Generate Residual Income. But Are The Products Safe?

Atomy complied with each individual country's rules and regulation before official opening. All the products will be registered with respective country's Health Authority and Halal verification.

In Malaysia, registration of products can be searched in National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency under Ministry of Health website. Key in 'Holder Name' - Atomy, all the registration number will pop up.

Halal Certification Recognised by JAKIM

Other than plant based products that do not need halal registration, all the products in Malaysia will be registered with Badan Pensijilan Luar Negara, JAKIM.

Still not convince? Think about it. Will the Korea Government risk their reputation allow their supported research institute produce something that will harm their workers and the users?

Sounds Interesting. How Do I Register?

Registration of membership must be through an existing member's Sponsor ID.

Anyone in the country of Atomy worldmap could register for FREE or pre-register (for soon-to-open countries) with just a few information. Connect with me, I will give you the Sponsor ID and guideline to register. 

In Malaysia, registration is easy with :

1. Full Name as per Identification Document

2. IC No. (*For verification of name tally with IC for direct bank in)

3. Gender

4. Address

5. Email

6. Telephone No.

Why Join Through Us?

We have complete tools and system to help you better understand the products and teach you how to earn your rewards.

We will use all our tools including online tools to help you build up your group of consumers and business partners

Regardless where you are in the world, get in touch with me to access the system and also more detail information about the products, and business opportunity.

Let's start your healthy life with Natural Products, Earn your Health while Earning your Reward :)

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