Things to do in Perth – Swan Valley food tasting and King’s Park

Our Third Day…

Swan Valley Food Tasting Tour

Swan Valley food tasting tour was my mum’s favorite because she wanted to buy tasty Australia local food to treat her friends.

The friendly tour guide from Explore Perth Tour , Peter fetched us at 8.30am in the morning. By the way, you can check out their website for various central Perth pick up point.

We got the VIP treatment again because there were 3 person only in this trip including us. Hehe…

best tour in perth
VVIP depart for the best food tasting …!
Highlight of the tour
  • Chocolate – taste locally made chocolate in one of the Valley’s chocolatiers;
  • Nuts – on your visit to Morish nuts you can try from their wide range of nuts: caramel coated, wasabi macadamia, hot cashews, almonds, abalone flavoured, savoury nibbles to name just a few;
  • Nougat – if you have a sweet tooth you will love the Mondo Nougat factory with their Italian made soft nougat, but I prefer hard crispy nougat more lol…
  • Honey – you will be amazed at how many different varieties of honey there are and how different they taste. Coincidentally I had sore throat that day, so I swallowed a lot of honey and Apple Cider Vinegar there. It works wonder. I bought few big bottles of Jarah Honey with TA20+ and Apple Cider Vinegar because it’s pretty cheap there.
  • Wine – Premium wine tasting at one of the many wonderful vineyards in the Swan Valley, but three of us didn’t drink, so we just took photos in the vineyards.
  • Aboriginal Art – at the Maalinup aboriginal gallery you will get to learn about aboriginal culture and taste traditional bush food.
  • Coffee – even for those that aren’t coffee lovers you will love learning about how coffee is processed and made. The Ice coffee was great! However…. I was sleepless that night because tasted too many variety of coffee there.

On the way back to city, don’t forget to ask the tour guide to drop you at any fruit or vegetable stall along the roadside. The fruits and veggies are very cheap and fresh. We bought a pack of grapes at only AUD1!

Mum wished to buy fresh fruits back to Malaysia but didn’t, we were worried confiscated by custom, end up the custom officers in KLIA2 didn’t check at all. So, you can try your luck if want to bring some back to hometown. Ha…


After Swan Valley food tasting tour, we dropped by Northbridge for lunch because my mum missed Malaysia food so much. Our stomach were full by just sharing a plate of roast duck rice at AUD12.90 only.

Northbridge is another busy district with plenty of Asian restaurants and supermarket, and the best is many shops open at night. Perhaps here’s the only place to enjoy your night life. Hehe…

King’s Park

After lunch, we took blue CAT bus to King’s Park road and walk a few kilometers only realized Transperth bus route 935 travel from the city right into the heart of the park. Sob….

King’s Park is a beautiful park in the city, you just have to visit the park with a relaxing mood instead of expecting exciting activities.

Mum was asking what’s special since it just full of grasses and flowers, but then she started to appreciate the uninterrupted panoramic, birds’ eye views of the Swan River and Perth City after reached there.

The pictures came out to be beautiful and relax although you just simply snap with any posture. Lol… self praising. Ha…

Free guided tours are conducted daily, and the time depends on the seasons. You may check out their schedule and plan your visit in advance.

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